Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe



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Solid Surface Probe: The weighted probe is to be used on solid surfaces in the open.  The weight allows the probe to "stick" to the surface. Connects to our FMM module included in our FMK, ATK, and LDK Kits.
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A leak detection probe or overflow may be one of the most catastrophic aquarium mishaps. When a tank overflows or a piece of equipment leaks, the damage can be severe, especially if the tank is surrounded by fine floors. With the Neptune Leak Detection probes, the ALD module can be connected directly to any Apex Controller and can notify you of any potential leaks by carefully positioning the probes around the stand, sump, and tank. Find leaks on solid surfaces, such as floors made of wood, tile, or cement. Set within the aquarium cabinet. The weighted design maintains position to find leaks A hard surface probe to be used with Neptune Systems' Advanced Leak Detection Module: ALD
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