Red Sea ReefLED 50 Mounting Arm



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For nano-sized aquariums that require a tank mounted bracket to support their light, the ReefLED 50's Universal Mounting Arm is ideal. You may move Red Sea's Mounting Arm out of the way for aquarium aquascaping or maintenance by rotating it from side to side. On aquariums with a front-to-back measurement of 14" to 20", the support will place the light in the ideal position. The aquarium can be completely disassembled and reinstalled in a couple of minutes thanks to the assembly's speed.
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A universal mounting arm attaches firmly onto the rear wall of the tank and can be rotated from side to side during reefscaping or other tank maintenance. Suitable for tank widths from 36-51cm / 14"-20" with glass thickness of 8-15mm / 5/15" - 3/8".
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