REEF 130.4 / White



• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1200 x 600 x 550mm (47.2″ × 23.6″ × 21.7″)
• Height with Cabinet: 1450mm/57″
• Display Volume: 364 L/96.3 gals
• Total Volume: 480 L/126.9 gals
• Glass Thickness: 12mm
• Includes: Aquarium, Cabinet, Sump, Plumbing Kit, Filter Socks, Sock Silencers



Included are filter socks for filtering out debris and particulates with sock silencer for a quieter system.

REEF 100.3 and REEF 130.4:
Include two 4″ Micron Felt Filter Socks.

REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6:
Include two 7″ Micron Felt Filter Socks.

Pre-Cut Filter Sponge

Increases filtration and reduces micro-bubbles in the system.

Evaporation Reservoir

The sump system has a dedicated chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.

REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6 :
Include a separate 13.1G reservoir.

Removable Refugium Baffle

Provides the option to utilize a refugium for nutrient export.

*Available on the REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6.

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