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Total Reefkeeping Solution

With the latest cutting-edge reef system technology that™s ready for immediate set-up, the Red Sea Max S 400 takes the guesswork out of the equation (MAX S System and Series). When it comes to equipment, water testing, light, flow, filtration, reef health and maintenance, this customizable one-plug control center allows you to sit back and enjoy the beauty and diversity of your coral reef rather than worrying about component selection, suitability, and compatibility. It takes research and planning to build a naturalistic self-sustaining system as reef-keeping gets more popular. Let Red Seas total reef-keeping solution do the work for you."
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A Fully Customized Reef-Supporting System

The MAX® S System boasts a polyurethane industrial paint coating on all external surfaces for an elegant and durable finish thats highly resistant to wear and tear (available in pearl white or black). This specially made system also comes with marine-grade aluminum frame cabinet side panels and doors, which can handle exposure to water and elements over the long term. These panels can be replaced anytime, allowing for renovation or a complete color change. Along with the replaceable trim on the aquarium and lights, these combined Red Sea Max S 400 features add up to an unparalleled level of strength and integrity. Red Sea Max S 400 Filtration

Dependable Design with Refined Style

A saltwater resistant plastic frame and marine-grade aluminum design thats up to 15 millimeters thick blend nicely to support a crystal-clear view of your complete Red Sea Max S 400 reef system and ocean wildlife (with low-iron glass). You don't have to glue, saw, or wire anything it's already done for you. Red Sea Max S 400 Fish Tank

The Safest Lighting for Reef Health

ReefLED„¢ 90 Lights are included in the MAX® S-Series to ensure coral growth, maximum color rendition, correct coloration, and a gentle shimmer on your Red Sea Max S 400. State-of-the-art lighting technology helps bolster a much healthier and vibrant reef, where the perfect combination of luminous penetration and ocean ecosystem harmoniously collide. The best combination of ultraviolet, violet, blue LEDs, and an 8,000 kelvin-white channel provide a reef-safe range of REEF-SPEC light, as well as a separate 3-watt moonlight channel for nighttime viewing. Using the ReefBeat® App, youll have easy-to-use features such as clouds, a lunar moonlight cycle, and more. Featuring unique mounted lighting chassis, the fixture slides across the width of the tank for easy maintenance. Red Sea Max S 400 Safe Lighting Diagram ReefLED is controlled by Red Seas ReefBeat® App which provides a wide range of easy to use functions such as random clouds, acclimation for new installations and a lunar cycle for the moonlights. Red Sea Max S 400 Phone App The lighting fixture features Red Seas unique,mounted lighting chassis that slides across the width of the tank, providing easy access for all aquarium maintenance tasks.

Red Sea Max S 400 - Convenient All-in-One Reef Filtration

A silent, flow-regulated downpipe feeds water from the surface skimmer to the in-cabinet sump of your Red Sea Max S 400. Meanwhile, the aquarium's main system pump returns filtered water to create a natural tide environment, constantly flushing, removing waste, and bringing in fresh nutrients. By creating miniature counter-current patterns, your coral surface and water-nutrient exchange will thrive, with food and critical elements biologically traded. This system can also support additional filtration systems, chillers, or reactors. You don't need any plumbing to connect the aquarium to the sump you can do it with standard connectors. It includes a main pump, REEFER Skimmer, mechanical filtration media, and piping for chiller and auxiliary reactors. Red Sea Max S 400 LED Filtration Diagram

Integrated and Reliable Power Center for Red Sea Max S 400

With the MAX® S-Series filtration system, your Red Sea Max S 400 comes with a one-plug MAX® concept and 10 individually switched power outlets for all pumps and accessories. Youll also be covered and secure with integrated circuit breakers. SYSTEM VOLUMES Total system water volume 110 gal Aquarium volume (display) 97 gal In-cabinet sump volume 13 gal DISPLAY TANK DIMENSIONS Length 41" Width 27.5" Height 25" TOTAL SYSTEM DIMENSIONS External length 41" External width 27.5" External height (excluding light unit) 61" GLASS Ultra-clear front glass 1/2" Ultra-clear side glass 1/2" Bottom glass 1/2" LIGHTING ReefLED advanced light system 2 Units (RL90) Nominal total output 180W Integrated WiFi control via ReefBeat app TOTAL CIRCULATION 2 X 570 gph Sump return + hidden individual circulation pumps RETURN PUMP Main system pump 1,850 gph Sump return + feed to skimmer / chiller / reactors FILTRATION Protein skimmer Red Sea RSK 600: Water flow 400 gph air flow 195 gph Mechanical filtration (bubble trap) Micron filter bags (225 micron thin-mesh filter bag) 2 Carbon Filtration Media - Red Sea REEF-SPEC® carbon 20 oz CABINET Marine spec cabinet Chiller-ready Aluminum cabinet frame ACCESSORIES Integrated power center 10 switched sockets Integrated water top up system
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