Neptune SKY LED Light



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Features Wired or Wireless Connectivity Apex Integrated or Standalone UV LED Enhanced Color Pop Two Dedicated Moonlights (4 LED) Diffused Light Adjustable Shimmer with Optional Shimz Advanced Thermal Management System Near Silent Operation Low Profile and Lightweight Multiple Mounting Options UL and CE Certified
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The Neptune SKY  Led is a 200w LED aquarium light that uses unique diffuser technology to generate a uniformly blended field of coral-health-optimized light. Taking a lesson from nature, the unique diffuser array blends the output of the strong LED array and addresses the frequent issues of hot spots and disco-ball effects common to most LEDs, achieving the closest output to natural light that we've observed. The SKY also has a wide surface area of diffused light at the origin, which mimics the atmosphere's horizon to horizon effect and significantly decreases shadowing. The Neptune SKY  Led can give wider and more equal coverage while using fewer fixtures to light your reef aquarium and meet the health, growth, and color requirements of even the most demanding corals.
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17 × 14.4 × 6.9 in


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