INFINIA 275.6 / Silver



• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1836 x 720 x 600mm (72.3″×28.3″×23.6″)
• Height with Cabinet: 1565mm/61.6″
• Display Volume: 699 L/184.6 gals
• Total Volume: 1042 L/275.4 gals
• Glass Thickness: 19mm
• Includes: Aquarium, Cabinet, Sump, Plumbing Kit, Filter Socks, Sock Silencers


Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth for maximum strength and longevity.

Optimized Flow

Each side of the glass overflow box features adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Minimize Noise

Included is an overflow cover to reduce splashing and overflow noise.

Ultra Low Iron Glass

Our aquariums are all manufactured using Low Iron Ultra Clear glass that is diamond beveled providing 91% transmittance.

High Strength Silicone

Manufactured using german made Wacker silicone will provide your aquarium with the longevity it needs.

Standard 90 Degree Joints

Manufactured using the standard aquarium manufacturing joints for maximum durability and strength.Filtration

Included are filter socks for filtering out debris and particulates with sock silencer for a quieter system.

Removable Refugium Baffle

Provides the option to utilize a refugium for nutrient export.

Evaporation Reservoir

The sump system has a dedicated chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.

Pre-Cut Filter Sponge

Increases filtration and reduces micro-bubbles in the system.

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