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GRO Refgium Light with Pipe Bracket Mount Purpose:  The GRO is a specialized, 20W LED light designed to grow many types of common macroalgaes (i.e. Chaetomorpha) using a specialized light spectrum which maximizes photosynthesis. It plugs directly into any available DC24 port in your Apex ecosystem, or alternatively, it can also be run completely standalone.
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A GRO Light with a Flat Mount Bracket is a type of horticulture lighting fixture. "GRO" stands for "Grow" and these lights are designed to provide plants with the light they need to grow and thrive. The flat mount bracket allows the light to be mounted in a horizontal position, making it ideal for use in grow tents or other indoor growing setups. The flat mount design allows for the light to be positioned closer to the plants, maximizing the amount of light they receive. GRO lights are often full spectrum, providing plants with the full range of wavelengths they need for optimal growth. Key Features:
  • Compact LED grow light with 84 LEDs in four colors, two key spectrum ranges for optimal macroalgae growth
  • Large, flat area of illumination promotes better growth as it creates a much more even spread than single, spotlight-style lights.
  • Distributed LED design means no light hotspots that can burn the macroalgae
  • Less light spillage - IP64 water resistance means it can be placed very close to water -- reducing the growth of nuisance algae elsewhere
  • Two focused wavelength bands (455-460nm and 620-670nm) for maximum algae photosynthesis
  • Utilizes an 18" long, flexible gooseneck attached to the pipe bracket mount that clamps to a section of your hard plumbing that is 1"-1.5" in outer diameter (3/4" to 1" PVC pipe).
  • An available, powered, DC24 port in your Apex Ecosystem
  • Optional 24V power supply to run standalone
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