Gemmatum Tang

Greek Name: (Zebrasoma gemmatum)


Gemmatum Tang (Zebrasoma gemmatum) Also called The Gem Tang, is a beautiful and highly-prized species of fish. It has an amazing black body and array of bright white spots. A bright yellow tail, with bright yellow pectoral fins, give the fish color and add visual interest.

It can be found in the Western Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, and in the vicinity of the island of Reunion along with Mauritius. The spectacular Tang is found in deeper waters and surge zones, which makes it difficult to catch this fish. This is why it is no surprise that the Gemmatum Tang commands a higher cost.

Gem Tang is one of the most sought-after specimens of saltwater fish because of its stunning colors and contrast. It is among the most sought-after Tangs for the aquarium for reef fish. If properly housed it can be a very rewarding and beautiful part of any large tank that is exclusively for fish or a reef aquarium. If you are keeping them, make sure to have good lighting, plenty of space for free swimming, and plenty of possible places to hide.

As with other Tangs and Surgeonfish, The Gem Tang can be a bit aggressive toward its fellow fish and doesn’t do well with tank mates of similar body shapes, particularly Tangs from the Genus Zebrasoma.

While Tangs consume meaty food alongside other fish that live in aquariums It is vital to provide them with ample amounts of marine-based seaweed and algae. A diet that is herbivore-based can help improve immunity, decrease aggression, and boost overall health. Provide dried seaweed that is attached to a rock, or a vegetable clip and feed it three times every week. Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, and Ocean Nutrition are all ideal products that are simple to use.

Approximate size of purchase: 2″ to 4″



Care Level




Color Form

Black, White, Yellow



Reef Compatible


Water Conditions

sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

Max Size






Minimum Tank

180 gallons


General information on Gemmatum Tang

The Gem Tang is a sought-after fish that has the cost of a premium, however it is a striking black body, a vast array of white spots that are vibrant as well as a vibrant yellow tail, and bright yellow fins that are visible on pectoral fins. They are a little aggressive with other Tang fish, as well as tankmates with a similar body shapes.


Gem Tang Diet & Nutrition

The Gemmatum Tang is an Omnivore Although they consume high protein food, they must be treated more as an Herbivore They should be fed lots of marine-based seaweeds and algae. An herbivore’s diet can boost the immune system and decrease aggression, and boost its overall health.



It can be found all over the Western Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, and in the vicinity of those islands Reunion in the Indian Ocean and Mauritius.

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